Water Damage

Dropping your phone in water sucks. The stress of possibly losing all your data is one of the worst feelings. Although your first instinct would be to turn it on, it is crucial you don't and bring the device in right away. As soon as water comes in contact with your phones components, it will begin to oxidize and corrode. The longer the water stays inside the phone the worse it gets. When you bring in your device we will test all the components to determine the extent of the damage. If the repair is possible we will disassemble your phone, clean off all the components with our solution and wash the board in our ultrasonic wash. If all goes according to plan your phone will be back to working condition. If the damage turns out to be to severe do not fear. We have an advanced level technician, that can recover your phone or your data. Water damage cleaning starting from $65

Data Services

Data Recovery

Accidents happen and sometimes our phones ends up broken. Our phones have a lot of important information such as pictures, documents, and contacts. We can repair your phone and help you retrieve this information off your device. If you have no interest in fixing the device or if the price is too high, this is an affordable way to recover your data. Starting from $50

Data Backup

Our phones contain a lot of important information that we hold dear. Our pictures especially hold a lot of sentimental value. We offer backup services for your Android and Apple devices. We have products that can automatically backup your devices at home. Alternatively, we can back up your devices for you. If we choose to backup with us, we have storage options available for purchase or you can bring your own USB. Manual backups too much of a hassle? We can help you get your information backed up on the cloud so you don’t ever have to worry. Starting from $45

Software Recovery

As useful as modern day cell phones are, sometimes they malfunction. If your device is freezing, battery inexplicably draining, or if there is a weird software glitch. We can help you backup and restore the software on your phone. Perhaps you would just like to have your phone updated to the newest software, we can help you with that too. Only $50

Unlock with CometMobile

We provide permanent factory unlocking solutions for all Worldwide Blackberry,LG, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Motorola devices!!!

Unlocking 100% Guarantee* with fast turnaround time! You don’t have to leave your phone behind, it can be done remotely!

*Guarantee based on a clean IMEI check. Blacklisted phones or phones with a balance owing can not be unlocked.